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Yiani takes on the Red Bull Racing Formula One Car!

yiani_and_mark_webber_small.jpgSunday. Sunny. 36 degrees. Barbagallo Raceway in WA was the host for the first ever Australian Festival of Speed - and it served up an event just as scintillating as the sun beating down from above. Yiani and his ZIP Eagle II/BRC Superkart took on the 2010 F1 world champions Red Bull Racing, with Australia’s own Mark Webber and Daniel Ricciardo at the wheel.

With over 30,000 tickets sold, Barbagallo Raceway was brimming with motorsport fans from all walks of life. The Red Bull F1 car was clearly the star of the show - until Mark Webber, Daniel Ricciardo and Alan Jones arrived. Like children to an ice-cream van, the crowd simply flooded towards the SUV in which the superstars arrived.

After a brief test session on Thursday, Yiani and the ZIP/BRC/Internode/Davtec team were ready to give the crowd a thrill, and the Red Bull a run for its money around the circuit.

Mark Webber ventured out first, doing a couple of installation laps and checking all the systems. After an hours break, Daniel Ricciardo then got to lap the Red Bull RB5 around Barbagallo in front of his hometown.

Now it was Yiani’s turn to see what he could do. On the absolute limit, showcasing a masterclass of kart control, Yiani amazingly set a marker tantalisingly close to the time of Ricciardo. Webber ventured out next but drove the long circuit (Yiani and Daniel were lapping the short circuit), and therefore did not set a representative lap time.












Due to the tight, twisty nature of the short track, Yiani and the ZIP Eagle II/BRC were evenly matched with the Red Bull F1 car!

RedIce Racing would like to thank Dave and Barb Hepworth for their efforts over the weekend and would like to thank Mark Hanson, Todd Johnson, Darren Kitchen and the other Superkarters with their karts on display. We would also like to thank Superkarts Australia and our sponsors, Internode and Davtec.